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Our mission is to provide small business support with software. Our goal is to build one business community.


Booking Software

We understand how important your time is, and that most of it needs to go toward growing your business, not dealing with logistics issues. Simply embed our online booking software onto your website and customize it to your business website's theme and layout.

  • Clean and Customizable look

  • We do not limit you on the amount of bookings, we encourage growth!

  • Low Cost



Verlocal provides a platform to showcase small businesses to a large range of consumers, increasing their online traffic and presence through the connection.



A powerful piece of software with advanced capabilities, Verlocal manages your customer inflow and interactions - handling everything from promotional campaigns, reservations, and  cancellations.


Retargeting Ad

Our internal system captures audience that is within your network, vicinity, and interests to display your offer across their social media channels.  We are very proud of our retargeting ad system and how it allows your businesses to remain in front of the potential consumer’s mind.


Industry Expert Content: We recently launched our business expert blog. If you can share your expertise within your business industry, Verlocal will feature your content on all of our channels along with an ad that will increase your traffic and add business credibility.


Host Spotlight Content: This platform is where we showcase inbound consumers on how your business relates to you. We will ask a series questions, as it will be a Q&A format.


Video content: is something that will get more consumer’s attention and engagement. It creates a ripple effect when it comes to getting your business name out there. Tutorial content sparks curiosity to viewers. If you would like to record a time-lapse video of you creating your craft, we would be more than happy to edit and distribute for you!

Here is an example of an easy video angle:

Simply record with a high-quality point-and-shoot camera as you create your craft and send us the raw footage for editing and distribution.


Newsletter Sent to Consumers: Your content and business information will be featured.


Social media Content: We endorse our content on our social media platforms in form of ads and featured post. We also run a daily retargeting ad through Facebook and Instagram using our intelligent marketing feature.


Newsletter Sent to Hosts: Your content relates to business tips, advice, and a community foundation.