SmaArt Gallery


“Verlocal Allowed Me To Pivot My Business”

- Steven Allen



Beginning his career as machinist in 1983 Steve had worked in the machining trades up until 2005. His love for throwing pottery began in 1985. Steve is known for his artwork in functional pottery to complex sculptural installations. Some of his work can be found in places like the De Young Museum, Ceramics Research Center, and the Lincoln Public Library. In order to spread his wealth of knowledge in the world of ceramics/craftwork, Steven had decided to create SmaArt Gallery.


Before Verlocal Pro,  Steven did not have a formal booking system. He was using various other marketing platforms. “Not only was I using multiple marketing tools for my website, but I was also resorting to social media platforms.” Steven said. “I had trouble managing all of the platforms in addition to my busy class schedules. I was spending around 15-20 hours a week trying to manage all aspects of my business.

Steven was in need of  software that could manage his class bookings as well as provide assistance for his social media platforms.


After being contacted by Verlocal , Steven fell in love with its booking platform. “From its sleek widgets to its customizable listings feature, Verlocal has provided me with an easy-to-use software “Verlocal’s staff helped me assimilate their software every step of the way. I joined in 2012, they have treated me very well ever since.“When I started with Verlocal back in 2012, I was a new business with 8 -10 students each week. As soon as I joined Verlocal, that number doubled. I now have 50 students a week attending my classes.”

Verlocal’s all-in-one platform helps Steven exactly where he needs it, even where he didn’t even realize it could.  “Having a platform that helps with registration, payment processing, customer service, reminders,

rosters, reminders, changes, cancellations, feedback and messaging is amazing.  If it weren't for Verlocal, I would have to hire a part time staff person to do these tasks.”



  300% increase in class attendance

300% increase in class attendance

   22% increase in revenue

22% increase in revenue

 1000 man-hours saved

1000 man-hours saved