August Axel


"They really take the time to help you in every aspect of your business”

- Christy Sears



August Axel Jewelry Studio is a creative workshop  designed to serve a range of skills and interests from talented tinkerers to advanced artists. Their goal is to provide solid and safe bench-instruction, combined with hands-on practice, so artists may operate safely, independently and successfully.

As Owner and Senior Instructor, Christy Sears brings a wealth of knowledge to the bench. With 15+ years of jewelry soldering and metal fabrication, endless patience and a healthy sense of humor, she creates a warm and welcoming learning environment. Not only does she believe in teaching "how", but "why" and this has made all of the difference to her students.


Before partnering with Verlocal, Christy had solely relied on a physical presence for her store. "I started off with a brick and mortar store as I was starting my business". Additionally, she had also set out her own marketing tactics in order to reel in her customers.

As her customer base was growing, Christy knew that she needed to find a better way to manage not only her class bookings but her customer relationships.

In the end Christy knew that she had to venture her business into the online world, as she saw major potential for her business.


In order to take the next step into implementing an online presence for her business, Christy turned to Verlocal Pro. Verlocal's marketplace provided wonders for her business as she has seen conversions from manual bookings to more online bookings.

Verlocal’s tracking integration helps indicate who is visiting  and not visiting her website to overall help broaden her audience. Christy saves valuable time on the backend thanks to Verlocal's automated ads as well as its marketing tactics. “With Verlocal, Facebook & Instagram advertising has never been any easier. They really take the time to help you in every aspect of your business.” Christy can track who indicated interest on her business and target them on social media sites. This data allows her make solid business decisions based on the information Verlocal Pro collects from the customers.



 Increase in online presence

Increase in online presence

 Increase in online bookings

Increase in online bookings

 Increase in marketing       --> wider audience

Increase in marketing       --> wider audience