Why You Should Get Verlocal Pro TODAY!

You’re a busy business owner with a small budget.


Here are 5 ways you can increase your sales and save time:

1. Increase revenue with an easy-to-use bookings software.

When managing a business, a booking tool on your website is the point-of-purchase. Having an effortless one-click booking process for consumers makes all the difference. In an e-commerce site, 27% of an abandoned cart is due to a complicated check-out. Don’t be a business that falls under that category. Increase your revenue by making it easy for your customers and you. As a host, you can install the booking software within minutes. We have provided everything for you, just copy and paste to your website and start earning money.

Take a look at a live demo of how your business calendar can look like:

2. Retarget visitors to become paying customers through automated ad system.

When using Verlocal Pro, all your listings will be automatically displayed through Facebook and Instagram Ads, converting your visitors into paying customers. From there your product or service will be all over their social media feed reminding them to purchase. This system has proven to work, generating more sales and brand exposure. As a business owner, a common struggle that everyone faces is branding. Having a small budget means putting your money where it will be most effective. If you join Verlocal Pro, all the marketing expenses will be covered by us, eliminating high marketing costs.


3. Gain more returning customers and sales with customer management system.

The most profitable customer are the ones who return. To keep customers coming back, providing incentives is key. Our customer management system takes care of needed efforts to retain your customers. With Verlocal Pro, you can now manage discounts, create a gift certificate, implement subscription programs and more. The best part is that you can have access to every single customer information. This feature allows you to download their contact, make notes for future reference, connect through our email system and most importantly, build a relationship.


4. Manage bookings with half the time.

When you manage reservations, payments, and cancellations, the most efficient way is with one simple action. See all of your bookings anytime, and anywhere you want within the same dashboard. Every customer inquiry will be organized and available for easy confirmation. Your time is important and now you can cut the time spent managing in half and dedicate it to your business. Our system is built to make sure your business can maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day operation.


5. Raise business visibility through Verlocal marketplace.

We connect sellers and buyers in one platform, bringing convenience to consumers and visibility to hosts. Our Verlocal marketplace consumers are unique, with interests in local activities, classes, events and handcrafted goods. With 300,000+ constant users, your business is exposed to future clients in your local community and nationally. In addition, your marketplace listing will be integrated to your website calendar. You now have additional web pages that will improve your search rank within your offer category. Our business tool will allow you to share listings and better your target audience through our retargeting ad system as well.


The best part of it all is the ZERO commission fees when using Verlocal Pro. The only thing you have to pay for is the credit transaction fees of 2.9% +.30 cents! Typically, our yearly plan starts at $199. However,  if you are a local business owner who works to empower the small business and entrepreneur community, we can offer our service for free. All that you have to do is show your interest by filling the form below or contact our team member at angeline@verlocal.com.

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