The Social Impact: Building a Human-Centered Community

The Social Impact:

Building a Human-Centered Community

Verlocal’s purpose is to bring together individuals of different backgrounds and skillsets. We pride ourselves with the slogan “E Pluribus Unum,” adopted from the building blocks of America, emphasizing the unity of many. There is potential within an individual’s efforts toward their passion and the pursuit of an entrepreneurial venture. As a company, we aim to create one community by building a new infrastructure and environment. Through this groundwork, individuals will have access to resources that will fully utilize both their intangible and tangible assets in the economy thus empowering their full potential.

Empowering Individual Mastery

Forget “Jack of all trades, master of none,” and welcome to the age of the master of one. Individuals with mastery of a skill set or production of a product can simply create their own businesses with the support of Verlocal. We aim to convert individuals into one-person business owners and maximize their business potential. The support from our resources in addition to the community of business owners within the same industries allow B2B interactions. Small businesses will gain access to resources and a network to rely on, through an accumulation of ideas and experiences of industry experts. At Verlocal, we hope to exemplify the camaraderie of a virtual community. Industry changes are inevitable, as the age of craftsmanship has become industrialized, automated, and digitized. Within the next year, a new era will start, changing many structures of business operations.

The Problem:

Shift of Digital to AI

The digital age has conceived thriving modern economies such as the current sharing economy. The sharing economy is pioneered by companies like Uber, Airbnb, Taskrabbit, and many more. This economy also supports the current gig economy, where people provide convenient labor at a low cost. The continuous technological advances remain evolving in the world of business. The digital age provided endless information formerly inaccessible to many, and information is now the driving force of the incoming modern era of AI. With automation and widespread use of robotics, day jobs will be replaced, removing many individuals’ sources of income. This era is forecasted to increase the wealth gap, positioning those in the gig economy at a constant or decrease of income. To exemplify this issue, let’s use Uber as an example. They’ve decided to pursue automating their services with self-driving cars. If, in ten years from now, their services convert into an automated experience, how many will have a decreased income, or even loss of an income, as they’ve been relying on the gigs to be their full-time jobs? That’s one of the many sharing economy issues in the new era of AI. Preparing for upcoming changes can be a difficult process, but when there is a challenge, the nature of businesses respond by inevitably evolving.

The Challenge:

Open Resource Economy.

A credible solution is to take a different approach to the Era of AI and see the potential in each individual. Each individual can provide their skill as a profitable asset. By offering your asset, whether it is intangible (skills), or tangible (physical product) made by your skillset, you can become a valuable economic contributor. Begin by pursuing the congruent modern economy of the AI Era, the open-resource economy, an idea derived from the founder of Verlocal, Will Lee. Open-resource economy points to the utilization of individual tangible and intangible skills to create a profitable entrepreneurial venture. An Open-Resource Economy model touts sustainability because of a business like Verlocal, which empowers an individual’s potential with available resources. Verlocal offers a home base of resources so an individual can focus on thriving and improving their businesses. An individual can ensure delivery of success due to the factor of being self-motivated by their own passion.

Our Response:

Preparation for Change.

preparation for change.jpeg

At Verlocal, the infrastructure we’ve built thus far is based on our preparation for change. The current digital era will soon shift to artificial intelligence. The future of AI is based off of Big Data and Automation. The two most recent controversial changes to the environment of business are rapidly causing yet another change that is inevitable. Just like the survival of the fittest, only the fit survive and how the fit survive is by adapting to changes in new innovative ways. At Verlocal, we work to become the pioneer of the open-resource economy. Our effort is to create a foundation, while ensuring accessibility for individuals to utilize given resources to maximize their potentials. This way the individuals that we empower to become their one-person business can have access and opportunity to grow the same way as a large corporation can. The difference in approach that Verlocal is offering is how we offer individuals who want to differentiate themselves from AI. To differentiate your potential from that of AI is the essence of human interaction, right by the mastery of a creative labor force.

What We Provide

Verlocal provides cloud services for the entire creative labor force. We combine booking & CRM SaaS with a Marketplace beautifully into one platform in order to help individuals and SMB owners fully maximize their business potential without having to hire additional employees.

Our platform provides 4 main components:


Verlocal provides a platform to showcase small businesses to a large range of consumers, increasing their online traffic and presence through the connection.


A powerful piece of software with advanced capabilities, Verlocal manages your customer inflow and interactions - handling everything from promotional campaigns, reservations, cancellations, payments, and more.

Online Booking Software

We understand how important your time is, and that most of it needs to go toward growing your business, not dealing with logistics issues. Simply embed our online booking software onto your website and customize it to your business website's theme and layout.

Intelligent Advertising

Verlocal is here to cut marketing costs for your business. In addition to our marketplace, you have access to our online marketing efforts through retargeting Facebook and Instagram ads. Our system will automatically retarget previous customers that visited your website through their social media channels. Enjoy access to free marketing campaigns and efforts that will ensure visibility of your business to your potential clients.

Our Global Actions

Global Efforts.jpeg

Verlocal began with the efforts of helping the development of individual businesses in the United States. However, the efforts do not stop here. The global expansion of Verlocal’s efforts have moved to communities in Canada and Singapore. Our company hopes to achieve the company’s purpose at the core of it all, uniting one, out of many. The societal economic dilemma of wealth gap exists globally. Creating income by using the intangible asset of skills and expertise is an advantage against large corporations. According to the Global Wealth Report, in the Global scope, 71% of individuals who have savings under $10,000 are earning only 3% of the total wealth of the world. With an open resource economy, an individual in Indonesia who lacks resources to increase their economic standing can build a business out of their expertise. Capitalizing on skills is a way where one can have control of their finances by taking upon themselves as an entrepreneur.

The Future:

Open-Resource Economy In The AI Era

Verlocal’s identity is an essential global community where people can fulfill passion-driven lives by doing what they love. As we pioneer through the open-resource economy in the new era of AI, we will have a balance of human-centered business communities and innovation. The next business era will view the creative labor as the new commodity in economic contribution. Though artificial intelligence will take on many day-to-day jobs, the human creativity behind the artificial matter will remain. No amount of big data will take over the complexity of generating a creative thought process. The differentiator between the future of AI and human labor creates true value. With the right implementation, an open-resource economy will thrive as more individuals work confidently towards their passions. The network of same industry business owners will then open a platform of community empowerment that supplements their exponential growth. The difference between a gig economy of freelancers and the future of open-resource economy is the utilization of resources in a profitable occupation driven by one’s own desire.