7 Reasons Why Digital Presence Will Sustain a Tour Company

You own a tour company and you’ve been running your business through simple referrals and phone call based bookings. Yes, it might work for your current business model. However, with your supply, being your time and efforts, the business hour downtime is a missed profitable opportunity. All thanks to the increase of digital access nationally and internationally, your business will thrive with the right tools and applications. Now the questions is why not increase demand with a hassle free and an efficient model? To help you answer that question here’s an additional 8 reasons to why digital presence will sustain your tour company:

Reason #1: Growth in the Tourism Business

The travel and tourism industry as of 2017 has increased 2.4%, that’s 1.1 more in millions of visitors who visited the U.S. last year. This rate increase makes up the total loss of last year and then some. That’s a visible rapid growth forecast for those in the tourism industry. In addition, the predicted tourism of 2021 will increase by 21% that’s in total 94.1 million visitors in the United States. If you’re like Edible Excursion, a local San Francisco, Bay Area Food tour company you can take this industry growth as an opportunity to increase profits through taking your business into an accessible market.

Reason #2: Online Conversion Rates

Say you’re a local historic walking tour company in Chicago. You have a physical store and booth with local advertisements. How do you keep track and manage how your current business and brand presence is portrayed by those glancing at your local advertisements. When you take your local advertisements and convert them into your online channels, such as yelp, your website, and even third party market place. You’ve not only taken your presence out of your local area but also, the opportunity to utilize the available resources for your online channels. Now you can track how many people click into your site, what areas of each page and offers on your site that your potential consumer favor than others. This way you eliminate wasted time on simply waiting on responses while you can see real time update of your presence online and the services given through reviews. Online resources as google analytics allows you to see what works and what does not work in terms of your offers online. To take a step further and simplify your job as a small business owner, take VerlocalPro as a resource. This tool bundles services of booking, tracking, management as the list goes on to make your professional life easier.

Reason #3: Sharing Economy

The big players in the technology of things are the ones leading this current service industry with the business phenomenon of the sharing economy. Companies like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB is an excellent example to look into as far as their ability to spin off a business that was based on a brick and mortar service using technology. The phenomenon of the sharing economy allows businesses within the service industry to have an effective transactions online. Tourism has been around for decades, and there is always ways to upkeep the personal connection of a tour company with tourist or interested individuals. Service still exist but the transaction process is now made easy to share business services online.

Reason #4: Simplify B2C Interactions

When taking your offline business online you are able to access a larger market. For example, you have a food tour in San Francisco, CA and a potential customer is browsing your site from New York City. We know that there is a 3 hour difference between the San Francisco and NYC. The hassle free of an online booking system you can easily embed to your site just added you a new customer. Within minutes your next food tour in say, SOMA District, just added one or more participants. Your business just eliminated the time needed for calls, pitch your services, and the unavailable hours due to time difference or busy schedule. The conversion of this customer is due to your detailed description, previous reviews, visual photography, on top of the booking system that’s on your digital platform.

Reason #5: Optimize Productivity

When removing the layers of a booking process, you can easily manage your brand on your own time. The great thing about digital presence is when applied properly, the visibility of your brand and tour company will run it’s course through search engine. For a digital marketing 101 on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) : put yourself in the shoes of your potential consumer. What keywords, needs and services will they search on Google, when looking for activities in their vacation destination or even local area for some staycation experiences? To add on about local consumers within the tourism industry, don’t disregard their profitable potential. Try capitalizing on the local staycations market. Take that opportunity to gain your own walking advertisement with local customers.

Reason #6: Cutting Costs

One effective way to gain competitive advantage in any a business market is to have cost leadership. Cost leadership is when you are cutting costs to add value to your business from your market perspective. Value is critical when trying to differentiate your business over a competitor. Essentially being the first business of choice to your consumers. For your price sensitive consumers, lowering price will bring business in but cutting internal costs must be done to continue being profitable. Take this chance to eliminate how much it costs you to have tangible advertisements. Put your efforts into creating visibility online as that’s the number one source an individual seeks information from. When taking advantage of VerlocalPro, intelligent marketing efforts will be included. Your business will automatically become visible through Facebook and Instagram Ad. No need to waste time on manually market your classes. That will cut 70% in costs to your business. 

Reason #7: International Reach

Last year, international tourism spending in the united states equates to $247.1 billion dollars. The international visitors is a market segment that should be taken into account. Visitors prefer local experiences where they can delve into the essence of the city they are visiting. The large market in foreign visitors is a reason why the information of your business must be accessible for their review. This is where your business’s digital presence come into play as a way to market your business and gain your next profitable consumer.

Take these 7 reasons digital presence will sustain the growth of a tour company that you currently own or think of starting. Digital presence is essentially important for all types of small businesses to upkeep the evolving economy and industry changes. An added tip to conclude this article, is to take advantages of the resources around you.

A marketplace like Verlocal is a way where you can display your small businesses and add on to your digital visibility, while assisting the management as a whole.

To see how you can increase your small business digital presence contact us at support@verlocal.com.