Streamline Your Incoming Customers From Groupon & Livingsocial


A business that utilizes Groupon/LivingSocial to increase traffic to your daily operation.


While Groupon/Livingsocial exposes your business on their marketplace to attract new customers, your time is now weighed down with new needs of customers looking to redeem their discounted offers.


Let Verlocal handle it. We can easily convert your purchased Groupon/Livingsocial reservation through our online booking system, managing your business according to your availability. Minimize overbooking by optimizing your business spread. We’ll provide a step-by-step below. Meanwhile, as an integrated system, we are providing features that will simplify your daily tasks, allowing more time for you to focus growing your business.




Step 1: Let us manage and organize your purchased promotion.

Take purchased Groupon or Livingsocial code and easily add it onto your discount management system on your Verlocal Pro account. If you have a large set of codes, call us (800) 599-8869 and our business development team can easily transfer those for you.

Discount Management

Step 2: Avoid overbooking & maximize the spread of your business.

Your customer can choose your services at their own convenience. Reducing the high walk-in rates or manual bookings. Now, you will be able to invest more time on what you do best: providing superb service to your customers! Let us handle your nitty-gritty logistics.

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You can also call us and we’ll set you up! (800) 599-8869.

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VerlocalPro Included Features

Our platform has 4 main components:


Verlocal provides a platform to showcase small businesses to a large range of consumers, increasing their online traffic and presence through the connection.


A powerful piece of software with advanced capabilities, Verlocal manages your customer inflow and interactions - handling everything from promotional campaigns, reservations, cancellations, payments, and more.

Online Booking Software

We understand how important your time is, and that most of it needs to go toward growing your business, not dealing with logistics issues. Simply embed our online booking software onto your website and customize it to your business website's theme and layout.

Intelligent Advertising

Verlocal is here to cut marketing costs for your business. In addition to our marketplace, you have access to our online marketing efforts through retargeting Facebook and Instagram ads:

Our system will automatically retarget previous customers that visited your website through their social media channels. Enjoy free marketing campaigns and efforts that will ensure visibility of your business to your potential clients.

With Verlocal Pro, you are simplifying daily business tasks and cutting more than 50% of your business costs, while minimizing lost revenue and increasing your website's sign-up rate. Take the next steps to have a seamless business productivity. Don't let high demand stress you out, maximize it.