Six eCommerce Hacks for Small Business Owners

With the world getting more and more technologically advanced, traditional means of commerce have upgraded and have evolved far beyond from where it was a decade ago. Now, buying and selling are done at the tips of the fingers. Everything is just found online, even items that you never have thought to exist, like bacon toothpaste (weird, right?). If you are a business owner, and you would like to do business the easy way, there are plenty of growth hacks for your business. And unlike the more sinister “hacking” that we commonly know, e-commerce hacks are actually good. These are innovative and unique marketing strategies that causes fast profit for your business. Now this is the kind of hacks that we all want to learn!

Data analytics

Today’s digital marketing is much better than traditional marketing methods. Now, it is already possible to analyse data from an ongoing campaign in real time. Data from any digital campaign can be gathered before, during, and after its run time. You will be able to check who is visiting your ad, when they visited, and how long they stayed. It is even possible to see where they are from physically, and which device they are using while logged to your campaign. Now, it is easier to gather information about which target group you are attracting and which strategies you are using are working to bring them in.


Blogs have a personal touch to anyone who follows them. Most blogs chronicle relatable contents that allow for interaction with the followers. Your blog should also have that. Potential clients often are sensitive to blatant advertising when it is literally shoved in their faces when they browse online. Your blog can help you convert followers by making sure that you are posting relevant contents. Make your posts interesting by using various media, like vlogs, guest posts, articles, and quality pictures. For example, if you are in the real estate business, your content should not only be about your listings, but should also contain tips on what is current in the real estate industry, or you can include infographics on what would be the points to look out for when looking for a house or looking for a workspace. And don’t forget to interact with your visitors and followers. Listen to what they want and use it to improve your brand.

Social media

Social media platforms are great vehicles for your blog contents. You can increase the number of people you reach out by using your social media accounts to share your contents. With interaction and communication as the building blocks of social media, it is the best bet you have to spread the word around. Use it to your business advantage.


Mobile-friendly sites and apps

There are now more mobile users than laptop users. With this change in the trend, be up to date, and have an app that can be used to show your wares. You don’t necessarily have to do it yourself, there are plenty of app developers who can do the work for you. Make it easy to navigate and secure. For your websites, make sure that you have optimized mobile-ready versions of it for mobile users.

User endorsed content

While you may be able to say the best things for your products, most consumers still prefer product that are endorsed to them by someone they know. The power of the word of mouth can’t be challenged by any marketing strategy. As with traditional marketing, it is best to have plenty of endorsement contents for your products. Be sure to include reviews and testimonials of people who have used your products and have loved it. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple review can make a customer go for the purchase.

Thank you cards

While we have been talking about everything modern about ecommerce, nothing ever beats a simple act of saying thank you. Since your greatest aim is to get as personal as you could to your target market, a thank you card is a great way to show them that you are personally grateful to have done business with them. Also, this is one marketing tactic that shows your heart and your personal touch. It makes your buyers see the person of your business, and not just the savvy apps and ads. It is easy to do this. You can start by doing it by yourself, our you could hire someone to do it for you. Whichever way you choose, make your message short and personal. And, you can also throw in a special promo code or coupon to make that person feel that you welcome more business with them.

The ways may have changed, but doing business still at its core is about having the knack of knowing what your market needs, and making sure that your business is positioned to meet it.


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