Last Minute Gift Guide For Couples

10 Types of Couples, One Holiday Gift

Which Couple Are You?

For the Foodies


The gastronomically inclined duo, the couple who knows how to pair every item on the menu with ease. This couple can be found at the opening of that hip new restaurant downtown or raving about their favorite ethnic fusion food truck.

An intimate couples dinner would be a great gift for these two, and for the more competitive types, an iron chef style class would be a blast.

For the Crafters


These quirky partners always have the best knick-knacks at home. You’ve probably seen one of their homemade scarfs or block print work at a white elephant party. Often seen on Etsy, Pinterest, or at some event with lots of wide-brim hats and beards.

A macrame or succulent terrarium workshop would delight their crafty tastes without a doubt. 

For the Crunchy

You know them by their Instagram filled with sky-high selfies, and pristine waterfront scenery. This couple is always seeking a new adventure, escaping the concrete jungles for greener activities. A rock climbing or wilderness survival class will surely be a hit with them

For the Drinkers

Pour it up, pour it up, because you know these two like to throw down. Their favorite words are “Open Bar”, and it’s never been easier to find a gift for these two.

A group mixology class would quench their thirst for sure, as they learn to make some classy drinks with a similarly-minded group.

For THe



At the many gatherings they’ve hosted, you’ve probably heard about their favorite room accessory. You know, the one that really “gives character” to the room. This couple is all about the aesthetics and has quite the eye for design.

So why not give them a fresh conversation point? Give the gift of a glass-blowing class, where they’ll be able to create the centerpiece of their dreams.

For THe



A little rough around the edges, but sweethearts nonetheless, this couple is your go-to consult for your home DIY projects. They are the makers and builders of the neighborhood, and certainly not afraid of a little elbow grease.

This season, thank them for all the tools you borrowed with the gift of a hands-on workshop. Woodworking or metalworking would be a great start, and they’ll be geeking out over power tools in no time.

For the Zen

Ommmmmmm… This couple is your spiritual rock, the ones you call when you need some perspective and peace-of-mind. They’ve been there for you through many a breakdown, so give them some sacred time of their own with a yoga or meditation class (maybe even acroyoga!).

For the


Health Nuts

You probably just finished skimming the latest nutrition article or email they’ve sent through their many social media outlets. Found at your nearest Whole Foods or supporting their local Farmers’ Market, this couple is your go-to for plant-based questions, or recommendations for the new açai spot.

A vegan cooking class would tantalize their gluten-free, sustainably sourced, certified organic taste buds.

For the


Leather Lovers

We are shooting two birds with one stone for this gift. For both the rugged bikers and the hip PBR-drinking enthusiasts, we are certain that a leather-working class would be a delight to both couples. Just make sure they’re not vegan first!

For the Greenthumbs

These two have a wonderful assortment of plants and herbs around the house. Found in their favorite breakfast nook, perusing the isles of home depot, or commenting on the season’s new buds, this couple knows their horticulture.

A ceramic class would be the perfect gift for these two, providing a new clay home for their next earthly project.