Pro Tip: Follow This Checklist & Get More Bookings!

If you’re reading this, you must be looking to increase your bookings! Whether you’re a current host or a potential host, we’re here to help. Verlocal offers a marketplace where you can list your available event or activity for bookings. Our marketplace is a great opportunity for you to showcase your offer, your company, and most importantly your brand!

As a host at Verlocal, you will become visible to an open marketplace. When browsing a local listing, consumers are seeking for an experience that intrigues their interest. Just like meeting someone for the first time, making an impression is critical. You can utilize our marketplace for more bookings by simply optimizing four important sections.

  1. Social Media: Your activity on social media matters within our retargeting ads system.
  2. Listings: Where you showcase your activity, class, or product.
  3. Business page: Your business brand and your story.
  4. Reviews: Credibility booster.


Social Media Checklist



  • Share your listing on your social media!***

Believe it or not your activity on social media matters within our retargeting ads system. When you post your listing on your social media channels. Our internal system captures lookalike audience that targets not only those who have looked at your site, but also interested individuals.


Listings Checklist


  • Description Matters!

Your listing of activities, classes, or product is a representation of your brand. You want to be informative with each listing that you post. Explain your offer and what the consumer can expect from your class.

This is also your pitch! This is where you write a quick story about how the expertise of your listing came about. For example, if you’re a zip lining coach in Seattle, Washington area, you can mention your residential experience and the beauty of the city especially from above! Now that’s a way to tie in a zip lining activity.


  • Activate Instant Booking.
instant booking

Simplify your potential consumer’s booking experience. Waiting around for bookings approval will minimize their interest.



  • Pictures Speak Louder than Words: High-Quality Photos is Critical!

Although, the saying says “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the human brain process a visual image 60,000 times faster than words. At our marketplace, the impression the picture attached to your listing is the first consideration set when it comes to booking decision. Another thing to consider is to add at least 5 high-quality pictures. This will show authenticity in your activity or product.

**Pro Tip: Outside resources you can maximize if you want high-quality pictures is You can also use Google images, however to avoid copyright issues, go on Google images > tools > usage rights > labeled for reuse.


  • Customize your URL based on KEYWORD SEARCH:

Put yourself in your consumer shoes. If they are looking for the category most related to your offer, what would be typed in on the search bar? You want to be visible, so try to have a short URL.


  • ###### Hastags #####

If you want to become visible to a category search on our marketplace, hashtags is they way to do it!  When someone searches for a keyword related to your local offer, your business will easily appear!


Host Page Checklist


  • Be Personal & Credible

This is where you tell the story of your business and show that your expertise in this skillset. Talk about your passion and how your business started. This is your business, this is where you maximize the amount or relatable content that will captivate your potential consumer. Take this chance to also show your credibility. The years of experience you dedicated into this business, or the industry itself. In a way, this is your resume about your passion.


  • Update your pictures/video content of your past work.

This is where you take your audience into what they can expect from your class. The better the quality, the higher your chances to be in their consideration set to instantly book!


Reviews Checklist

  • Acquire Reviews

Reviews will differentiate you to other businesses of your same industry. Engage with your consumers and ask them about what they think about you. This can be a great way increase the value of your business to their eyes.

PRO TIP** Verlocal support can help you integrate your existing reviews from sites like Yelp, or Tripadvisor.

To learn more about how to optimize your listings! Check out our Verlocal Academy where we further explain the step-by-step process of optimizing your listing. If you’re not a VerlocalPro member, unlock features that will ensure your bookings by signing up today!