CEO Story


My name is Will and I am a business owner.

Verlocal CEO

I work every day to achieve what’s to come. I value hard work, as it is the foundation of success.

My story started 10 years ago when I came to America to pursue the “American Dream.” When I started this journey, I realized that the best way to become successful would be to work hard. “Hard work pays off” is instilled to my work ethic, as it binds entrepreneurship and the “American Dream” together. From earning an education to finding work that led to an engineering job in Silicon Valley, I took each step as an opportunity to get to the next stage of my career.

Years later, I became disillusioned by the infamous Silicon Valley bubble. When I started my own business, I saw the economic reality as it really is. Struggling to pay rent, unable to hold my hunger, I walked into a local donut shop with only change in my pocket. At 6 am, I saw how the greater economy is not run by large corporations, but by the small business labor force. Individuals standing in line waiting to buy their cup of coffee before a construction job or the shop owners who wake up at dawn to open their businesses are truly who drive the economy. At that moment, I recognized a potential in small businesses, leading to the start of Verlocal.

Verlocal became more than an idea. It evolved to something much bigger. Our team of talented young professionals at Verlocal made it possible to continuously innovate. Each team member’s strong work ethics multiplied the company’s potential. Though I started with nothing, with the our team, WE can make an impact.

With Verlocal, we can take advantage of the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial business environment. By giving small businesses resources to fully utilize their potential, we are able to provide an opportunity for their business to succeed. Their achievement works hand-in-hand with Verlocal’s success. The business we have built thus far is at its growth stage and have potential that we will maximize. In this stage, the memories of early mornings and late nights dedicated to my business are what I’m most proud of.  

Behind the software, I’m simply a business owner, who wants to thrive just like other business owners. That is the initial reason Verlocal was created as a platform for freelancers and business owners. I believe that our team can build a human-centered society, which will define the future.

We do not sell software. We sell hope. Hope for business owners like myself who want to achieve entrepreneurial success. Hope to create a better, more connected global community.

To learn more about Verlocal’s story, and our future plans read on below.

Our Vision & Our Mission.