Booking Software vs. Add-to-Cart System for Experience & Service Providers.

As a small business owner and freelancer, taking your business online has proven additional reach and a greater revenue stream. E-commerce sites are widely popular to having an add-to-cart system for products based sellers, but, what about service providers?

Service providers are capitalizing their expertise and skills based on time. A booking software is a system that provides a solution for an e-commerce service website. A booking software has simplified manual bookings through an online automation. Service providers can now receive reservations, booking, and appointments for their time. In addition, booking software has taken an extra step with providing an all-in-one solution that does more than just receive bookings.

A business development solution Verlocal Pro, takes a booking software and provides an extension of tools and features that automates the management, marketing and payment of a business. Here are some extended solutions an all-in-one booking system provides:


One-click booking

This feature allows guests to book instantly, once selecting a service and time. Eliminating the drop-off rate from add-to-cart where a guest tends to abandon their purchase. As we’ve analyzed the consumer purchasing behavior, we optimized the check out process limit the number of clicks until booking.

Email reminder.png

Reminder Emails:

Having a purchase confirmation is a great addition to every purchase/booking. However, with a booking software, emails are taken a step further with the available actions of event reminders.


Reviews Integration:

Online reviews is the main decision maker when browsing for a purchase. Each booking made, requesting a review is a one-click process. A guest will be notified and each review will be automatically displayed on your payment pages.


Simple Booking Transfer:

With last-minute rescheduling as a factor, a simple one-click transfer to another time slot of the same event is a breeze. As to an add-to-cart system that requires a cancellation, refund and repurchase process or manual work.


Manage customers:

Delivering great service and maintaining a customer relationship is essential when it comes to the service business. Verlocal Pro’s supports customer engagement through CRM and email marketing tools.


Generate new customers:

All booking software listings have the option to become visible on our active marketplace of 300,000+ users. Your business will not only generate new customers from a large marketplace, but also the retargeting service of Social Media advertisement to ensure the constant reminder of your listing and brand.

Are you or someone you know is a service or experience provider? Contact our business development team to see how you can improve your business flow with the Verlocal Pro Booking Software.


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