Booking Software Comparison: Verlocal Vs. Competitor

Verlocal Vs. Competitor

There is an outstanding share of businesses that have under 20 employees within a firm. As of a 2013 study, the number is at 97.9 percent of all businesses. The growth of small businesses continues with the growth of the business to business support. Now, more than ever, starting your own business is becoming simplified. Verlocal and competitor offer business support from small to medium size firms. Verlocal as a company aims to create one unified community by building new infrastructure and establishing an environment that allows individuals to be one-person businesses. The competitor, on the other hand, focuses on the features to easily access travel and tourism activities. Verlocal and the competitor are often perceived as a similar resource platform. If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, below will be a comparison of Verlocal vs. Competitor. Let’s dive in and ease your decision-making process.


The main differences and similarity between Verlocal and Competitor fall under their service features. Verlocal and the competitor offers a customer relationship management system, a booking tool, a marketplace, and marketing capabilities that streamline the incoming business. The functionality of each feature makes a difference in the quality of service offering. Each feature is designed to ease the experience of a business owner. As a small to medium size firms, budgeting is critical amid a business decision. Optimizing the structure your company can be conducted by utilizing the resources around you. Let’s analyze Verlocal’s available service offers and the functionality in comparison to Competitor.


Customer relationship management system to Verlocal and Competing Brand is integrated using the acquired customer data from bookings. The system can track the conversion rates allowing business owners to measure their current progress. The data acquired is also used as a way to manage the consumer activity. As seen below the competitor and Verlocal have the same functionalities in payment processing, cancellation, and discount management. Verlocal has the advantage in this feature with direct communication capability. Where business owners can directly contact their consumer. This feature is critical as it will open a communication platform for a consumer to business engagement.

Booking Software CRM Comparison

Booking Tool

The booking tool is the initial contact that allows a consumer to view a business availability and point-of-purchase interface. From the consumer end, aesthetics and simplicity when booking can advance the point-of-purchase sale and decrease abandoned bookings. As you can see below, the competing company falls short in customization and bookings accessibility. As Verlocal serves a wide audience of potential consumers, the competitor limits to activities and tourism groups. In addition, a large percentage of small businesses use groupon and livingsocial as a way to increase revenue. An important feature that can help your business with a groupon/livingsocial campaign is the way Verlocal can integrate the purchased code.

Booking Tool Function Comparison
Marketing Capabilities Comparison
Market Place Comparison


Quality is essential when picking a software service that supports your business. However, prices are a great deciding factors as leveraging cost is determined by the financial decisions. Verlocal offers a price that is 40% - 60% cheaper than the competing brands. To ease the financial stress that comes with running a small business, Verlocal offers multiple payment methods. Multiple payment methods are pay-by-monthly, yearly, and even options that are zero in cost.

Overall Experience

The Verlocal experience is something that's personalized by local experts themselves. Verlocal stands for a truly local experience to the consumer market. The service empowers the community of hosts who create extraordinary experiences for interested individuals. The experience is crafted to connect individuals to small business owners as a cycle that empower one-person businesses. 

If you're looking into decreasing business spending and increase the profitability of your business, see how VerlocalPro have the advanatage over competing businesses.