How To Get Direct Bookings from Your Social Media Network

If you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or a local business, your network is a crucial relationship to ensure new and returning customers. The digital age has made manual business operation into an automated system. Now how do you seamlessly merge current online users and the network effect to create bookings instantly? Simple, when your business social media page meets Verlocal Pro.

With Verlocal Pro, your consumers can make direct bookings anytime, and anywhere, including your social media page. Now your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers can book your service directly.


Yes, Verlocal provides a marketplace, but our goal as a company is to empower your business to make it your own and grow organically. This is a chance where you can utilize your social media network effect. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is your oyster, in another word it’s a marketplace of its own, take full advantage. While growing your network, you’ll have a perfect tool for new and returning consumers to book. Like we said before, anytime, and anywhere.

At the end of the day, this is your brand, your business, and your baby, we get it. Let’s get your business some bookings by making it simplified for your followers!

Below, we have created quick tutorials on how to install your booking tool to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

Quick Booking Tool Installation for Facebook :


Quick Booking Tool Installation for Instagram 


Quick Booking Tool Installation for Twitter :

Not a Verlocal Pro yet? No worries try it out for 60 days free! If you have any questions regarding installations, our team has your back! Contact our marketing lead directly at