How Online Booking System Will Benefit Your Baking Class

If you host a baking class/school and want to know the best way to manage the inflow of your business, we have a solution for you. Online booking software is often overlooked when it comes to a business management tool. However, when choosing an online booking system, make sure you are select one with an integrated feature. There is a wide range of online marketing platforms and booking systems, but booking systems like Verlocal will simplify not only online consumer inflow but also the marketing efforts and many more. Here are reasons how online booking system will benefit your baking class business: 

1. Stay ahead of the competition

From dessert bar baking to mochi making classes, there are many businesses out there that offer baking classes. According to a June 2011 Bakery Industries Snapshot from the Center For Economic Vitality, the growth within the bakery industry is limited to population growth at approximately 1 percent every year. Most baking schools and companies have trouble succeeding in today’s market unless they buy out their competitors out. At Verlocal, we understand that growing your baking class can be a challenge, but we are here to assist you in starting your own local business. By allowing consumers to book your classes online with our online booking system, you will be one step ahead of your competition and it will help you attract more potential customers and simplify your booking process. The booking tools provided by Verlocal will eliminate the difficulties that come with booking over the phone or in person. Verlocal hosts have had great success in reaching out to consumers and making it easy for customers to book their classes. Our dedicated team will make it as simple as possible for you to get your listings up and running and ready for business. We at Verlocal know what is needed for your business to succeed through our experience with a wide range of baking classes and schools, such as; macaroon baking class, cakes for special occasion baking class, to cookie and pastry baking classes. You will be able to create an account where you can post your listings and schedule classes in a clean, professional, and personalized layout.

2. All-In-One, Easy-To-Use Booking Software

The Verlocal Pro booking system will make it easy for consumers to book baking classes directly on your own website and will allow you to focus your time on improving your business. After going through our software you will be able to quickly run your own baking class business and easily train new employees to use the system. Here are essential features that Verlocal Pro can assist your current business practice:

  • Unlimited Business Bookings: Unlike our competitors, you will not be limited to the number of bookings that can be supported by Verlocal Pro.
  • Quality Support For Your Business: You will not be limited to the number of tools and the amount support you get from our team! Our ultimate goal is to help your baking business/school grow.
  • Booking Widgets: With Verlocal Pro, you are able to embed your calendar and booking widgets on your website to let customers find you anywhere.  
  • Customizable Booking Layout: It’s your business, your brand, and now you have the ability to create your booking tool layout to your liking!
  • Create and Manage Your Promotion: Verlocal Pro is here to help the growth of your business, down to the assistance of your marketing implementation. Easily manage your own promotion plan and build the incentives for new or returning customer.

Above is only scratching the surface of what Verlocal Pro can do for your business. There are many more features that will create a competitive edge to your competition. Our platform is a resourceful “All-In-One” tool that will only simplify and assist your day-to-day tasks.

3. Manage Your Customer Interactions

With Verlocal Pro, you are able to streamline your customer interactions and spend more time improving your business. You can facilitate and manage your bookings so you don't waste time on phone calls or emails. Communicate with customers through unlimited single or group messages, as well as marketing emails that you can send to a filtered down customer group. As a Verlocal Pro user, you are also able to view important customer information, including contact details, whether the customer is a repeat customer or not, and more. Let your potential customers how many spots are left in an upcoming baking class or if any changes come up regarding a booking - just send them a message through your Verlocal account. There isn’t a more effective and simple booking system that is easy for the admin and customers to use.

4. Cut Your Cost With an Affordable Booking System

If one of your concerns is spending too much money on an online booking system, then you’ve come to the right place. At Verlocal, we believe in growing together with our partner businesses. That’s why we’ve priced our software at such an affordable price. In fact, if your business meets certain criteria, Verlocal Pro may be available to you completely free of charge!* If that doesn't convince you to sign up with us, we are one of the lowest costing online booking platforms compared to our competitors. Richard Festen from Baking Arts says, “The pricing is a fraction of what I was paying from my old system, so my monthly cost has been reduced by about 70% compared to the other system I was using.” Verlocal's goal is to help you improve your business as much as possible while maximizing your profits. Which means more money in your pocket to improve your business with Verlocal Pro. With total cost (including processing fees) at a fraction of what other companies are charging, you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. Because the cost includes processing fees, we take care of all of your payment processing - there's no need for you to worry about maintaining your own payment gateway anymore! Simply sign up, create your class listings, put them up on your website, and get paid. It's that easy!

5. Bakery Class Success

Verlocal understands how difficult it is to build a sustainable and healthy business, so we are here to help. Our entire team is dedicated to getting your business to thrive and helping you reach the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. Think about the growth potential you will have on your business. When a large percentage of correlating digital users and experience economy is by a demographic segment of millennials, our tool will assist you to easily serve this market. Many baking classes and schools like Firebrand Artisan Breads and Baking Arts have seen up to a 50% increase in their profits after starting to use Verlocal Pro. By becoming using Verlocal Pro, you are not only opening your baking classes up to the Verlocal marketplace, allowing hundreds of thousands of people to view your listings, but you are treating yo’self by making it easier for you to run your business and get additional customers.

Want to know how to get access to Verlocal Pro for free? Email us at and find out!